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Vanessa Chu

Hi. I am a self-taught designer and developer with an Electrical Engineering degree at UBC. My passion for design and development started when I built my own E-Commerce website from scratch back in high school. I spent hours on sketching my ideas to not only design an aethetically pleasing website but also a user-centered one. I instantly fell in love with the thrill of designing and coding solutions to solve problems for the user.

Retail & E-Commerce - Founder
Graduated from French Immersion
Hardware Designer & Software Tester at Sierra Wireless
Graduated from UBC
Frontend Developer at Tochtech
89% React
73% CSS
83% Html
70% Design

What i do

I am a modern Web and App Developer who strives to create scalable, performant applications that provide great user experience.

User experience

With 7+ years in customer service industry, I understand what customers want and I design with their needs in mind.

Firstclass design

I wireframe using Sketch and Adobe Photoshop, the most productive design tools today in terms of endurance and pace of creation.


I convert beautiful user interfaces into functional code with modern JS frameworks, React & Redux and MeteorJS and modern CSS framework, Bootstrap 4.


To provide content or data to frontend, mobile, or other server-side apps, I use JS frameworks, Express and NodeJS, and also MongoDB for database .

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Industry Projects

From building Web and Application to building Automation Test Equipment tools, check out my latest projects!

Contact me

Vanessa Chu

Richmond, BC, Canada

[email protected]